We held a three-day “Dog Farm in the Street” campaign from Friday April 19th until Sunday April 21st, in Hongdae, Gangnam, and Gwanghwamun respectively, as part of our ongoing campaign to end dog farms and the dog meat industry in South Korea.

Back in March, when we partnered with DoVE Project—a US-based non-profit dedicated rescuing and rehoming dogs from the dog meat industry—to shut down a dog farm in Beolgyo, we took possession of the tools, chains, and leashes that were used in the slaughtering of dogs. They were displayed in the street set up as they would have been at the dog farm.

There was good engagement from the public, both foreigners and Koreans, most of whom had never seen the equipment used on dog farms up close.

If you’d like to help us in our mission to shut down dog farms in South Korea, or help us look after the dogs we rescue from dogs farms, consider making a donation.

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