On Saturday, March 16th, staff and volunteers participated in the mass neutering of all the male dogs in our Hong-seong shelter.

From left to right: Chichi, Chipi, Dora, & Doti. They are sisters and all about 6 months old.
Gali, just after the operation

The Hong-seong shelter is one of the shelters that received a lot of the Hanam and Beolgyo farm rescues. Consequently, the shelter has been upgraded significantly since then. A total of 105 dogs are resident in this shelter. 28 out of the 34 male dogs were neutered. 6 dogs couldn’t be neutered because of health issues or old age.

Uni looks apprehensive waiting for the operation.

The operations started at 10 AM and finished at 5 PM. It was a long day for everyone, and we are grateful for the veterinarians who performed the operations, and the volunteers who came along to help.

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