Emergency Rescue of Remaining Dogs from Beolgyo Dog Farm

At the request of DoVE Project, an American organization that also campaigns for the end of dog meat and tries to find them homes in the US, CARE rescued 18 dogs from a dog farm in Beolgyo in South Jeolla Province in the early hours of Wednesday 27th of February. The dog farm was scheduled to be shut down on 28th February, but we asked it to be postponed for a few days. The farm owner had been selling his remaining dogs to slaughterhouses. 30 had been sold and only 56 remained.

DoVE Project had bought these dogs to stop the slaughter but hadn’t found a place for them, so they contacted us for help.

Due to financial restraints, 18 dogs was the best we could currently manage to take, so we rescued the sick, the young and the timid who we thought would not make it if left any longer at the farm. The dogs will receive veterinary treatment and all of them will be put up for adoption.

Keep an eye our adoption page or social media for when they become available for adoption.

We have these dogs and another 600 still in our shelters and adoption center that need feeding and treating, and we still rely entirely on donations.

We need you!

We rely entirely on people like you. Help us rescue more animals in need by becoming a regular donor.​

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