CARE & LUSH Campaign for a Fur-Free Korea

CARE and LUSH Korea launched their coordinated #FurFreeKorea campaign in Myeong-dong, Seoul on December 28th to bring an end to the fur products industry in South Korea. The performances began simultaneously in front of the LUSH Myeong-dong store and Myeong-dong Art Theater.

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The hunter in black chases an animal to skin it.

In July 2018, we discovered that keychains, cat toys, and clothes containing imported cat fur were being distributed and sold in markets in South Korea.

In October 2018, we conducted a field investigation in Suning County, Hebei Province, China, the hub of China’s fur industry.

In China, there are hundreds of fur farms and pelt processing facilities, and the largest fur wholesale and retail center in the world. Most of the cat and dog fur coming into South Korea is imported from China. Under Korean Customs law, there are no regulations or protocols to inspect and distinguish the material of fur products or labeling.

The prey tries to escape from the hunter.

The fur industry is the epitome of cruelty. 110 million animals are killed in fur farms every year, and one fur coat can contain the pelts of up to 35 animals. 85% of animals used to make fur products are raised on large scale fur farms. The animals are intensively bred on the farms and live the whole of their short lives in small cages. The farmers kill the animals cruelly by gassing or anal electrocution, or simply skin them alive to reduce costs and not damage the pelt.

The animal is captured and the skin is ripped off.

Wild animals also are caught with traps. When they are caught, the animals often try to gnaw off their own limbs in a desperate attempt to escape. If they cannot escape, they are clubbed to death or suffocated.

To bring an end to the fur trade, consumers must be able to make ethical choices about what they purchase, and legislation must be enacted to strengthen both labeling and import laws.

We will continue to raise awareness of the cruelty of the fur industry and the truth of the mislabeling of fashion items and accessories made with fur.

It’s time for a #FurFreeKorea.

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