Stray Kids Appointed Ambassadors for Black Dog Campaign

Stray Kids, a nine-member male K-Pop group, were appointed as honorary ambassadors of CARE’s Black Dog Campaign. The appointment officially took place on October 31st, at our adoption center in Dapshimni.

The Black Dog Campaign, which has been running since last year, aims to rid Korean people of the bias against black dogs and encourage their adoption.

The group opened a photo exhibition, called Black Dog Project, at the end of last year, and this March, they released a film with Innocean worldwide, titled Black Dog Syndrome, to promote a world that has no discrimination or bias. The group also hosted an exhibition last summer titled “Save the Black Dog.” The exhibition featured photos of celebrities taken by photographer Young-ho Kim.

In Korea, people are reluctant to adopt black dogs, due to the fact that culture depicts black dogs, and many other animals too, in a negative light. Thanks to the campaign, the number of black dogs being adopted has increased. Even President Moon adopted a black mixed-breed dog, Tori. Other black dogs that had been in the center for a long time, such as Gumdong, Guseul, Ggabi, Nine, Rupi, Run and Crong, have also all been adopted.

SoYeon Park, the president of CARE, said, “I hope that culturally influential celebrities spread a positive message. I hope we can eradicate discrimination with the help of Stray Kids.”

When Stray Kids accepted the title, they said, “We hope that abandoned dogs achieve happiness again no matter what color and breed they are.” They also shared their ambition to do their best to help CARE find good owners for black dogs in their adoption centers.

Other honorary ambassadors for the Black Dog Campaign include broadcaster Mi-hwa Kim, announcer Ju-hee Kim, violist Richard Young-jae O’Neil, actress Hyo-jin Kim, professor Seo Min, and YouTuber personality Thin. This is the first time that a K-Pop group has been appointed an honorary ambassador for an animal rights non-profit.

CARE is fundraising for the Black Dog Campaign through Oh My Company. The campaign ends on November 12th.

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