Ba-dook; Tied Up All Her Life

Dog on operating table

We received a phone call from Chungju City. A small white and tan dog was tied up with a heavy chain outside one of the houses in the neighborhood. The neighbor described the dog’s neck as covered in weeping sores and blood because its collar was tight around its neck. The dog seemed to be in a bad way and the neighbor was concerned for its life.

When the neighbor voiced his concerns to the owner and requested he do something, the owner gave a ridiculous answer,

I beat her when she was a puppy, and she got so wild after that. I just left the chain on her ever since.

Dog in transportation cage
Ba-dook had never been anywhere else

The neighbor was infuriated with the owner’ callous attitude and couldn’t stand to see the dog this way, so he called us and asked if we could save this little dog.

When our rescue team arrived, the wound in the dog’s neck from the collar deep, and raw skin was exposed. The pain must have been severe; the dog barked sharply when anyone approached. The owner said, “The dog will bite you. She is too aggressive.” but there was time to explain to the owner why the dog was aggressive, nor would it help the poor dog in any way. The dog needed to be rescued immediately.

The owner gave up the dog easily, presumably simply wanting to be rid of it. The rescue team took her quickly to CARE’s affiliated veterinary hospital.

Ba-dook had never been able to move beyond a radius of 1 meter from where she was chained; her entire world up to now had consisted of a patch of ground 3.14m2. She became very tense when heading to the veterinary hospital, and was struggling for breath and moaning in pain while in the car. She was obviously afraid of this new experience as she had hadn’t been handled or moved since she was a puppy.

Dog collar cutting into dog's neck
The flesh around the neck wound had necrotized

The skin tissue around the wound had died because Ba-dook had been chained up since she was a puppy, and the owner had not bothered to adjust the collar to accommodate her growing neck.

Ba-dook was sent to the emergency room to have immediate surgery. The collar had been pressing into her neck for years, and it was lodged deep in the skin of her neck. It took a long time to remove it. Unfortunately, much of the skin tissue in that area was necrotized and had to be cut away.

Ba-dook will have to stay at the vet for a while to recover from the surgery, but because of a concerned and kind neighbor, she now has a chance of a bigger slice of life’s Pi.

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