9 Dogs Locked in a Cage for 4 Months

Dogs in a small cage

Late this summer, we received a phone call from a man from the Moran Market Dog Meat Association. Moran Market is home to the biggest dog meat market in South Korea. Surprisingly, he was reporting that some dogs had been abandoned in a small cage for a couple of months on a hill near the market.

“It is too horrible to see, even though I am working in the dog meat industry, you know. The dogs are squeezed together in a small cage and cannot move. I even advised the owner that he shouldn’t keep the dogs like that.”

Our rescue team went to rescue the dogs immediately after we got the call. The day was sweltering. The team found the cage in an empty lot concealed in the woods. The box was very narrow and low, with chicken wire wrapped around it. Nine young dogs were inside standing cheek-by-jowl. Two other dogs were tied up near the cage watching us quietly.

Even in their miserable situation, the young dogs greeted our rescue team with wagging tails when they arrived. Rotting food and excrement were piled up around the cage. The dogs were wet from an earlier rain shower, and the smell was awful. The dogs seemed to be from the same litter as they looked all alike.

According to the man, the owner did not live nearby and sometimes came by to take care of his chickens. The owner seemed just to be merely waiting for the dogs to get bigger to sell them as meat. The rescue team had to wait a couple more days for the owner to come so that they could get his agreement to give up the ownership of the dogs so they could be rescued. When the rescue team confronted the owner, he said very flatly, “Do whatever you want. No one is interested these days. They are not even big, I cannot sell them at the full price. Take them away. It has been 4 months and they are annoying.”

When the rescue team finally removed the top of the cage, the dogs were scrambling over each to get out of it.

Dogs trying to climb out of a cage
The dogs trying to get out after the rescue team removed the top.

We transferred all nine dogs to three different affiliated veterinary hospitals. They were suffering from various skin diseases due to compromised immune systems. Some of them were also infected with Giardia.

A dog tied up in front of a kennel.
One of the tied-up Jindos. Note the color of the water.

The other two white Jindos that were tied up in front of the cage were infested with fleas and mites because they had not been taken care of for a long time. We decided to rescue them, too, and vaccinate and neuter them.

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