Here is the next installment of the Hanam update. We have another four dogs that our generous donors and volunteers helped rescue.

This little thing couldn’t get up when rescued. She 4~5 years old and is very friendly to other dogs. She is being fostered right now and is waiting for forever home now.

When rescued, this poor girl had no hair, had cataracts and anemia, and was suffering from chronic malnutrition. She is under vet care right now and awaiting adoption.

When rescued, this girl was skeletally thin, had Corona infection, and tumors in her chest. Everyone thought she was a Poodle, but turns out she is a Bedlington Terrier. She is 7~8 years old and 5.9kg. She has already been adopted.

This girl was rescued and subsequently quickly adopted by someone who had recently lost a Pekinese.

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