Here we have the second installment of our Hanam site update, with brief reports on five more of the dogs rescued from that place.

This Japanese Chin is 1~2 years old and weighs 4kg. She had a very bad skin condition when rescued. She is now recovered and awaiting adoption. Even though kept in a wire cage she is housebroken and very friendly.

This Yorkshire Terrier had a very bad eye infection when rescued but no heartworms or other infectious diseases. She is 4 to 6 years old.

This beautiful little girl was covered with feces and had only one nail left on her paws when rescued. She also had a rat in her matted hair. She has now been adopted now by a friend of the volunteer who rescued her.

She little survivor had very badly matted hair and was covered with tics when rescued. She is 1~2 years old and very friendly. She is waiting for adoption.

When rescued this Maltese was in a cage with dead bodies, feces, and food trash. She had a tumor on her chest so she has had 2 operations. She was one of the first dogs rescued from Hanam.

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