[Update III] Hanam Emergency Dog Rescue (Part A)

Small dog sitting in tray

The situation at Hanam City has been slowly improving with the help of our generous donors and hard-working volunteers. We could not have achieved even half of what we have without their help.

We have processes in place for moving the dogs off-site and to reimburse vet fees incurred by volunteers. The dogs previously rescued are being treated, fostered and adopted. There is still more work to be done to ensure the rescue of all the remaining dogs, but that is not what this post is about.

Here, we have updates on a number of dogs that you (Yes, you! You know who you are!) helped rescue by supporting both our activities to manage the situation and to reimburse the vet fees of the volunteers.

First, we have this Maltese who was taken care of and treated by the volunteer pictured. She was the first dog adopted from Hanam.

Next, we have this poor little tyke who was rescued by a volunteer from Busan. She was 3kg, had Heartworms, a dislocated hip, a skin infection, stomach parasites, and tics. She had treatment while being fostered and has now been adopted.

When this dog was rescued, he weighed only 3.1kg, was starving and in a very bad condition. He is currently being fostered and his weight has increased to 5kg. He is waiting to be adopted.

This little sweetheart was terrified when the volunteers first found her, but she has lost her fear after the care and attention she received from her rescuers. She is between 1-2 years old and is very friendly. She is waiting to be adopted.

Like her friend above, this Maltese was shivering with fear when rescued. The vet has surmised she was abused as a breeder in a puppy mill but was abandoned. She is around 3-4 years old and is currently being fostered and waiting for her forever home.

We need you!

We rely entirely on people like you. Help us rescue more animals in need by becoming a regular donor.​

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