Thank You Natural Core, Wooriga Pharmaceuticals, Eun Young Park, Kyung Soo Doh Fans

Bags of dog dry food

This week we’d like to thank Natural Core, Wooriga Pharmaceuticals, Eun Young Park, and the fan club of actor Kyung Soo Doh for a whole lot of donations-in-kind this week.

Natural Core sent us 10 bags (20kg) of their premium dry dog food. Our charges will eat well this month!

Wooriga Pharmaceuticals (PDF) sent us 10 boxes of their “Pet Teun” Healthcare Plus range of pet supplements.

Eun Young Park sent us a whole bunch of stuff including blankets, food, treats, pet sanitary products and wet tissues. Oh, and more treats. Here’s a small sample of what she sent.

Finally, the fan club of actor and voice artist Kyung Soo Doh sent us more Natural Core dry dog food, pet sanitary products, treats, and toys, to congratulate him on the release of his new animated movie’The Underdog.’ Kyung Soo Doh voices Moongchi.

A certificate of donation is on its way to Kyung Soo Doh from CARE.

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