STOP THE KILLING! Protest 2018

Stop The Killing 2018 protest

Despite the brutal summer heat, our STOP THE KILLING! 2018 demonstration demanding the end of dog meat slaughter went ahead successfully. A lot of people stopped to express support for the protest that took place on the second of the three Boknal days.

Stop The Killing protest 2018

CARE has designated 2018 as the year of the end of dog meat. Last June, a court in Bucheon made a historical ruling that slaughtering dogs for consumption was in violation of the Animal Protection Act.

This was followed by Congressman Pyo’s petition to prohibit slaughtering of dogs and cats for human consumption, and we and numerous other organizations both in Korea and abroad campaigned and petitioned the government to pass his amendment. Obtaining more than 200,000 petition signatures within a month is a testament to the changing public attitudes toward the dog meat issue, and for animal rights in general.

Perspectives on ‘tradition’ are changing, as is our society. we dream of a world where animals cease to be sacrificed for the profit and pleasure of humans. We strive to create such a world.

We would like to heartily thank the passionate volunteers who braved the unrelenting heat to take part in our protest to end the dog meat trade in Korea.

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