Demonstration at Taepyeong Dog Slaughterhouse

man holding protest placards in Korean

CARE and over 20 individual animal rights activists took part in an unplanned protest at Taepyeong Dog Slaughterhouse, where an unimaginable number of dogs are slaughtered every day.

This place, where large-scale slaughtering takes place more than deserves its nickname “Dog Killing Factory.” Too many dogs are crammed into too small steel cages waiting to be brutally murdered.

CARE stated the recent ruling in a Bucheon court that slaughtering dogs for consumption violates the Animal Protection Act. However, the police officers dispatched from Sungnam City Police insisted they were not aware of such ruling and refused to take action at the scene.

Checked the precautions on, after that been trying it few times a week, no side effects noted so far. Hopefully will go on like this, but thanks so far.

Activists came and went while the police simply watched dogs being slaughtered and sold in Sungnam market.

Sungnam City had ordered Taepyeong Dog Slaughterhouse to shut down by the end of August, but recently extended the time frame without reason, and appear to be granting the slaughterhouse workers their living for yet another summer.

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