All 220 Dogs Finally Rescued from Namyangju

Empty dog farm cages
All the cages are now empty and the farm is silent

The Namyanju dog farm rescue that started in April finally finished on August 9th with the liberation of all 220 dogs incarcerated there.

Rescuing 220 dogs was not an easy task. There were shortages of space for the dogs and for the volunteers to take care of them. Nevertheless, worries that they would be sold off as meat for Boknal—the hottest summer days when dog meat consumption sharply increases—should they not be rescued spurred us forward.

Due to a lack of volunteers, we had to slowly transport the dogs in groups of 5-10 from the farm to our shelters. We also had to expand our existing shelters to hold all of the 220 dogs. However, the dogs who had to remain temporarily at the site had to be looked after. To help the dogs survive the 40-degree summer heat, staff and volunteers had to continually distribute food and water every day.

However, while this is the end of the rescue, it’s not the end of the operation.

These dogs, who have for so long been living in filthy cages eating rotting food and drinking dirty water, are suffering from chronic malnutrition and dehydration, skin diseases, splanchnopathy, heartworms, and various other health problems. We now have an ongoing duty of care to see all these dogs back to full health and unite them with new families.

Dogs in a shelter
For these dogs, it’s the first time they have walked on the ground

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our volunteers and donors for helping to save these helpless dogs from a horrendous situation. Without this invaluable help and support, this operation would not have been possible.

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