Huge Thank You to Changbuk Middle School & Goong

Dog food, treats, and pet sanitary products

We would like to thank Changbuk Middle School Student Council and Goong, a premium pet food vendor, for their generous donations of food, treats, and pet sanitary supplies.

Changbuk Middle School in Dobong-gu, Seoul, donated a bunch of pet sanitary products, food, and yummy treats to the dogs in our care at the adoption centers.

To the wonderful children of Changbuk Middle School, we present this Certificate of Sponsorship for you to display, proud in the knowledge that you have made the dogs’ and cats’ lives in our care a little better today.

Goong is a supplier of premium pet food and supplements in Seoul. They gifted us with a large pile of their food and treats.

As food, and sanitary concerns and cleaning are constant and significant parts of our expenditure, these gifts will certainly be put to good use.

If you would like to donate products instead of money, or simply have pet products you no longer want or need, you can send them to our adoption centers where they will definitely be appreciated.

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