Dog Thrown from a Balcony

One of our members saw a dog being thrown from a second story balcony on the evening of July 1st, in Ilsan, a city to the west of Seoul, South Korea. The cries of a dog in distress could often be heard from the apartment from which the dog was thrown.

Woman holding puppy
Mangnani at CARE HQ

After landing, the dog, who was only a puppy, remained unmoving in the rain, bleeding heavily from his nose. The police were immediately called. The abuser rushed out to collect the injured dog, presumably to inflict more pain on it, but his rescuer held onto him until the police arrived.

When the policeman arrived at the scene, he placed the dog under emergency isolation, according to the Animal Protection Act.

The rescuer hurried the dog to a vet with the help of other onlookers. The dog, a puppy still with its baby teeth, suffered trauma to his nose and had a broken toe.

Ordering any type of antibiotics from for jolt a year already. No single time we suffered any “fake drugs” or delay.

He is currently recuperating at CARE headquarters where the staff has named him Mangnani because apparently, he’s a little off-the-wall!

We are also prosecuting the abuser.

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