Last Dog Slaughter Facilities Removed from Moran Market

In March of 2017, we reported that Seongnam City Council had reached an agreement with dog meat vendors at Moran Market to remove all on-premises dog slaughtering facilities. However, as of July 2017, we discovered that at least 13 vendors had not complied, had merely hidden the display and slaughter of the dogs, and had continued to illegally slaughter dogs on their premises.

In the intervening year, however, it appears that despite initial problems implementing and administering the agreement, it has actually been effective.

Today we received news that Seongnam City Council would forcibly remove the display and slaughter facilities of last remaining dog meat vendor who is slaughtering dogs on-premises.

A machine used to remove hair from slaughtered dogs being removed.

While Moran Market still sells dog meat, there is no more live display and slaughtering of dogs at the market and in public view.

Though still not the result we ultimately want—a complete ban on selling dog meat at Moran Market—it is one more step along that road.

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