CARE Ambassador Hyo-jin Kim at Namyangju Dog Farm

CARE Ambassador and actor, Hyo-jin Kim, visited a dog farm in Namyangju, just north-east of Seoul, South Korea, with the Animal Rescue Team on April 11th to assist in the rescue of 20 dogs. She said, “I’m afraid, but it’s about time to face the reality of dog farms.”

We were at amazed at the dreadful environment of the dog farm; it was more horrible than we imagined. There were more dogs there than we had originally anticipated.

I’m afraid, but it’s about time to face the reality of dog farms.

From newborn puppies to large dogs, all were crying in distress regardless of size and species, and it was difficult to find a dog that wasn’t suffering from a painful skin disease that easily spreads in such densely packed living conditions.

2018 is the year we hope to finally bring an end to the cruel, illegal, and environmentally destructive dog meat industry in South Korea.

If you’d like to help bring an end to the dog meat industry in South Korea, consider supporting our mission with a donation.

Photos by Seo-som Moon, Korea Joongang Daily

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