Highest Ever Fine for Animal Abuse in Korea

In October 2017, we received a report that a PC room (A PC room is like an Internet cafe, but without the cafe.) owner was repeatedly abusing a kitten. In the video we were sent, the kitten was beaten, hit with objects, and even trampled by the man. The kitten was being terribly abused and was completely unprotected.

We immediately set out to rescue the kitten, which the owner tried to hide. We submitted the evidence of animal abuse to the police and urged them to bring the strongest charges possible against the PC room owner.

The kitten’s ribs and teeth were broken.

According to existing law, an animal abuser can face up to 1 year in jail or a fine of up to 10 million won ($9300). Up to now the biggest fine given had been 5 million won ($4600) and most of convicted animal abusers were fined only several hundred dollars. However, in this case the prosecution ordered a fine of 7 million won ($6500), showing a strong intent to punish the abuser.

It is the biggest fine so far for animal abuse in Korea, and a significant increase from previous fines. We believe that the increasing public attention on animal abuse cases and the prosecution’s willingness to stop animal abuse made it possible. It marks a positive change in comparison to previous cases where the penalties given were lighter even though the abuse caused permanent disability or led to the animal’s death.

While there is still a long way to go, it is definitely a step in the right direction to put a stop to animal abuse in Korea.

The kitten’s ribs and teeth were broken, and he was easily scared by even small sounds when he first came to the center. However, he is now recovering well and has a new name, Nabi, which means Butterfly. Nabi is a bright and lovely little fellow. He is slowly regaining his trust in humans with the help of patient care by staff at our center, and is slowly starting to demand attention from those he trusts.

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