Dogs are Not your Property

In Singil-dong, Seoul, there was a man who purchased unsold dogs from the dog auction and resold them. We could immediately recognize the house because of the obnoxious smell that filled the street. When we went to the second floor, we found the old man’s dogs. When we uncovered the big pile of rice bags in front of the entrance, we found mobile wire crates stacked up high. They were used instead of the elevated cages that dog farms usually use.

There were about two to three dogs squished together in the tiny crates, waiting to be sold. Most of them were actually popular pet breeds, but for the old man they were just property to profit from. He fed them leftovers, or let them starve for days when he felt lazy. The fur on the undersides of the dogs became sticky and hardened because of their waste, and their skin oozed.

The neighbors took pity on the maltreated dogs. For several years, some of the neighbors had been feeding them behind the owner’s back. The dogs had diseases and sometimes starved for days. They could not digest food, often threw up, and even collapsed.

The dogs were being kept in small and filthy cages.

However, the dogs in the crates on the roof were even worse off. They were utterly helpless and had to suffer whatever the weather threw at them; freezing winter cold and boiling summer heat. They remained in their misery until the day they were sold. And because the old man frequently beat the dogs, the neighborhood was filled with their cries.

Leave them right there! Don’t touch them; they are mine!

After the report of the abuse, we decided to rescue them with help of another animal organization. However, the old man refused to give up ownership, he cursed at and pushed our rescue team. He kept asking the rescue team to pay for the dogs.

After a lot of effort and persuasion, our team arrived at an agreement for him not to mistreat the dogs anymore and for us to pay him for his 15 dogs. Even when the dogs were moved from the crates by the rescue team, he almost threw them into the crates like sacks of rice.

We took 8 of the 15 dogs, and the other animal organization took the others. After their medical examination, none of them were in a normal healthy condition, as was expected. According to the doctor’s notes, they suffered from malnutrition, had skin diseases, and the condition of their feet was very bad. Also, some of their skin was necrotized, and some were bleeding from severe skin infection.

We rescued 8 of the 15 dogs

After being rescued, they completely changed. Before, they were listless and looked really miserable and sad. However, whenever they see our team now, they can’t stop smiling, wagging their tails, and clamoring for attention.

We saved the dogs from constant pain and fear in the old man’s wire crates. Now, it’s time to find loving forever homes for them. Could that be you?

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