Chollang-yi and Dagyang-yi; Two Dogs on 50cm Leashes

An urgent report came in from a village in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea in December. The report was about two dogs, one with one-eye, and the other bloodstained, left tied up on short leashes. We receive this type of report several times a day, but this one especially caught our attention. The leashes were limiting the dogs’ movement; they could only take a few steps, and they were underfed because the owner hadn’t taken care of them properly for at least two weeks.

The white one is missing an eye, and the black one is bleeding from its genitals!

The reporter took pity on them and gave them food because it was obvious that the owner didn’t. Meanwhile, we saw the white dog was missing an eye in the video. We were not able to ascertain whether it was from a congenital deformity, an injury, or a disease. The other dog, a black dachshund, was in a serious condition, too. It had a swollen belly, was bleeding from its rump, and clotted blood was matted in the hair of its hind-quarters.

Our rescue team set off to the village, hoping to save the dogs before it was too late.

A crow ate his eye. It’s not a big deal in the countryside.

The place the dogs lived in was worse than expected. The white dog was on a short chain and had only a temporary shelter that the reporter had provided for it. The dachshund was on leash which was tied to a chicken coop with chicken mesh for sides.

The reporter had asked the owner what happened to the white dog’s missing eye. The owner replied bluntly, “A crow ate the eye. It’s not a big deal in the countryside.” It is the duty of the owner to take care of the dogs and treat them if they are wounded, however, the owner didn’t want to.

Eventually, we convinced the owner to hand over the two dogs. We named the white dog Chollang-yi, and the black dachshund Dagyang-yi. When we released them, they were like puppies and wanted nothing more than to cuddle in the rescue team’s arms.

On examination by a vet, both Chollang-yi and Dagyang-yi were found to have a serious mite infection. Dagyang-yi was bleeding from her rump because she had received no treatment for a genital infection. According to the vet, it will take long periods of treatment for both of them to fully recover from their neglect.

If you’d like to help with Chollang-yi and Dagyang-yi’s treatment, visit our donation page. Donate once or monthly; any amount helps.

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