Ana and Conda; Sibling Kittens’ Mountain Rescue

Recently, residents near Bukhan Mountain heard a faint meowing sound coming from a pair of cats. Fearing for the survival of the cats, they called the local government to investigate.

The area around the foot of the mountain was searched, and two newborn kittens, not cats, were found. Neither their mother nor any other grown-up cats were found near them, so it is uncertain how they came to be in the wild by themselves. It is not unreasonable to imagine that they may have been dumped there, however.

The national park service worker was deeply concerned that the kittens would be euthanized after being labeled as stray animals.The national park service called us and asked us to take care of the two kittens. The kittens were very young and we immediately took them to the veterinary.

These two kittens became ‘sassy’ after they were moved to our adoption center. Even brief eye contact with our staff would make them extremely alert and self-protective. We assume that this is because they were left by themselves in the wild. We named them ‘Ana’ and ‘Conda’ after the Green anaconda, the biggest snake on earth.

Conda hissing to protect his little sister

Ana and Conda rely heavily on each other. Conda especially is very protective of his sister Ana. He keeps trying to hide her behind his own tiny body, and hisses ferociously to keep strangers away from her.

Their health is good, and they are getting used to being with people and other animals. Since they are still so young, the kittens have to go through a series of procedures for their future well-being, including vaccination and neutering.

Soon, Conda will grow into a boisterous adolescent, and his sister Ana will become an amiable teenager.

We hope that Ana and Conda don’t stay at the center for too long, and meet a good-hearted family that can give them a safe and warm home.

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