When you Must Leave them Behind

A woman was occasionally dropping by her aged aunt’s house to check up on her and her two dogs. However, she’d had no contact with her aunt for several weeks, and felt something was wrong. With the help of the police, she opened the door of her aunt’s house and found her aunt lying on the floor unconscious. The paramedics were called immediately to take her to the hospital. The niece went to find the dogs.

One of the dogs was lying immobile on the floor; it was old and had already died because of the long period of starvation. The other, who used to bark frequently, was frozen with with fear, but alive. She seemed to have not eaten for several days. The woman called CARE immediately for help, and we rushed to the site right away, assessed the situation and rescued the animals.

We brought the other dog to the vet. It turned out this 10-year-old dog had anemia and its liver and kidneys had suffered damage due to the long period of starvation.

The owner was treated and regained consciousness, fortunately, but she was too old and infirm to take care of this old dog.

We decided to take care of this dog on behalf of her. This dog is taking the best treatment in the vet for recovery. We’ll keep you updated.

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If you have companion animals, it’s important to make provision in the event of death, extended hospitalization, or any other eventuality that may prevent you from looking after them. This is especially important if you are elderly. Who is responsible for checking up on me regularly to make sure that nothing has happened? Who will look after my companion animals if I’m unable to?

As unpleasant as it is to think about these things, it’s important that you do.

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