Roscoe; Dog Meat Farm Rescue Adopted by Daniel Henney

Our ongoing “Dog Meat Free Korea” campaign aims to shut down all dog meat farms in South Korea, and we have lots of people and organizations supporting this endeavor. Kevin Bright, an American television executive producer best known for the hugely successful sitcom Friends, and the DoVE Project (Dogs of Violence Exposed), an American organization focused on ending the dog meat trade in Asia, are two of them.

We had investigated a dog meat farm in Namyang-ju in February of 2017. Among its inmates was a sweet-natured Golden Retriever. Not surprisingly, this further exposes the lie that dog meat dogs are different from companion dogs. It was obvious to us that this dog had been a pet at some point in his life.

Roscoe in a cage at the dog meat farm.

At that time, we unsuccessfully tried to persuade the owner to shut down the farm, and give up the dogs. The CARE staff were heartbroken to have to leave the Golden Retriever behind. We visited the farm several times over the ensuing months to try to persuade the owner to shut down the farm. Kevin and members of the DoVE Project team accompanied us in August of 2017. Luckily, the Golden Retriever was still there and we continued persuading the owner to give him up  to us. After long persuasion, finally he decided to let us take the dog.

Kevin and the DoVE Project named him Roscoe and took him to the U.S. for adoption, where he caught the attention of award-winning Korean-American actor Daniel Henney, best known for Criminal Minds and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Daniel is a dog-lover, and has another dog called Mango. He adopted Roscoe after hearing about his rescue.

While Roscoe was not adopted directly from CARE, we were instrumental in changing the fate of this beautiful dog, and are happy knowing that he has found a loving home where he will be safe and looked after for the rest of his life.

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