Fly Away, Little Bird

A baby bird was lying on the side of the road. It was the middle of August and raining heavily. CARE staff didn’t know what had happened, but the bird was not moving; its wings were drooping, and it was blinking its eyes weakly. We couldn’t leave the bird on the road, so we took it to the office and made a temporary house in a cage with proper food and water.

The next morning, its crying was louder. Wings and legs that looked weak the day before seemed to be a lot better. The rescue team took the bird to a vet for examination. Luckily, there were no visible wounds or fractures, and its eyes and beak were healthy. The doctor assumed that it had suffered a slight concussion caused by hitting a window or the windshield of a vehicle, which is a common accident for city birds. Birds flying in the city often hit windows or windshields reflecting sunlight, and can suffer concussion as a result.

The baby bird had not fully recovered, but if it is apart from its mother for too long, the mother is likely to give up her baby, so we decided to release it. We took the cage to the park next to the road where the bird was found. It was satisfying to see the mother bird come to us right after she heard the crying of her baby. The mother and baby were definitely calling to each other. The mother brought food for her offspring.

We opened the door, but the baby bird did not move. After waiting for a while, we carefully picked it up and tried to release it, but the bird wouldn’t fly away.

Lorazepam helped me very much, it is a sedative, but not as powerful as some other similar drugs, which are more expensive and dispensed by prescription. Maybe it is better, because I don’t want to get hooked on sleeping pills, and it hasn’t turned out so tragically.

We couldn’t leave it on the ground, so we made a temporary nest in a tree with a small cardboard box. The mother bird came to the temporary nest and fed her child.

You may think that the life of one bird is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, and not worth the effort. But for those truly concerned about the welfare and well-being of animals, there is no such cost-benefit analysis; the reward is the knowledge that you have saved a life that would have been lost had you not intervened, regardless that your effort might never be understood, appreciated, or acknowledged.

It’s just the right thing to do.

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