Continuing the Campaign for Dog Meat Free Seoul

There are innumerable dog meat restaurants in Seoul despite Seoul Metropolitan Government’s 1984 classification of dog meat as a food not suitable for human consumption. As of October 26th, 2017, Kyungdong, Jung-ang, and Moran markets in Seoul still illegally slaughter dogs and sell dog meat.

According to Article 8(1) 4 of the current Animal Protection Act, “animal cruelty” is defined as “killing for reasons other than necessary veterinary treatment, direct threat to human life or human well-being, or without proper reason such as property damage.” The dog slaughterers in the above markets kill dogs only for economic reasons, which is obvious “animal abuse” in violation of the Animal Protection Act.

We have filed suits against the one remaining dog slaughterhouse in Kyung-dong Market, Seong-nam city, the two remaining in Jung-ang Market, and the 12 in Moran Market for violating animal protection laws.

In the meantime, CARE continues to surveil and put pressure on the illegal dog slaughterhouses in Kyungdong, Jung-ang, and Moran Markets. As a result, one of the two illegal businesses in Jung-ang Market has filed a Notice of Business Closure, but the remaining one is still in breach of animal protection laws.

CARE urges Seoul City to declare “Free Dog Seoul” to show its determination towards shutting down illegal dog slaughterhouses in Kyungdong and Jung-ang Markets.

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