Bailey; Rescued by an Elementary School Student

“The kitten seems to have lost its mother.” The elementary school student looked at the kitten with deep concern. He couldn’t bring the kitten into his house without his mother’s permission, but he couldn’t leave him behind either.

The family decided to rescue this little kitty and took him to a vet in the neighborhood. The vet asked around, but unfortunately there was no one local who could adopt him. The vet finally contacted CARE to see if we could help find a home for the kitten.

Growing up as a stray cat is difficult in Korea, where few will help you, some may see you as a pest to be eradicated, and most simply ignore you. Trap, Neuter and Release programs try to humanely keep the population of stray cats down, but of course they can’t treat all the stray cats on all the streets in all the towns and cities.

We are grateful that this student noticed the kitten’s plight and, with the help and support of his family, decided to do something to help.

We named the kitten Bailey. When looking at him with his glossy black hair and neat white socks we are reminded of an English gentleman in a fine stylish suit. If you look in his eyes though, you’ll see that they are green, so maybe there’s a little of the Irish gentleman in him, too! Whichever style you prefer, if you meet him, we know you’ll fall in love with him.

And like the young man who rescued him, we know he has a bright future ahead of him.

We need you!

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