Half a Rescue is Better than None

On a day of heavy rain about three years ago, our informant was passing an area with many large warehouses, and found a mother dog and six puppies crouching under the eaves of a warehouse. The mother dog was staring at the informant with caution and was very skinny and looked exhausted as she continued to breastfeed the puppies. From then, the informant stopped and gave them food and water, and made a dog house from a large box. The dogs saw her every day, but were still very cautious; they didn’t even try eating the food until she went away.

Sadly, one of the puppies died.

We couldn’t leave the other 5 puppies on the road that way, so we asked around and found a vet that would help us with them and to whom we could send them. The mother dog stared at the car that picked up her puppies as they were taken away, and then disappeared back down the road. After that, the informant continued to feed the mother, and some of the local residents began to take care of her and give her some dog treats. Then, this summer, she gave birth to three more puppies, but one died when it was hit by a car. The informant decided that the dogs should no longer stay on the road, and so asked us for help.

We devised a rescue plan for the dogs.

We planned to rescue the puppies first and put them in a cage trap to attract the mother dog so we could safely capture her. The local residents were supportive of our efforts and asked us to look after the unfortunate dogs. Two of the puppies were rescued easily with the help of an old man who had been feeding them. However, after four to five hours, the mother dog would not come close to the cage trap with her puppies inside, but just looked at them from afar. We decided to rescue the puppies only, and come back and attempt to rescue the mother another day. Fortunately, the vet did not find any health issues with the puppies, and they were adopted by an acquaintances of the informant.

It’s sad that the mother dog is separated from her pups, but it is what we had to do to help the puppies find new lives in safe, cozy homes with loving families.

Currently, we are preparing another rescue for the mother dog with help of local residents. We won’t give up until both the mother and her puppies healthy, happy, and out of danger.

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