Everland Refuse to Talk about Tongki


Since we reported in August that Tongki, the last polar bear held captive in South Korea, was suffering in the scorching summer heat and left alone without even water, we have sent message and called Everland asking to have a conversation about his situation.

(Only highlighted sentences translated)

To Everland, We would like to have a conversation about Tongki with Everland in order to ask about the environment improvement for him and transferring plan to another environment or abroad.

We sincerely look forward to have a clear stance and statement from Bong Yung Kim, the president of Everland, about this situation and provide Tongki with proper environment for the rest of his life. As this matter is urgent, we would appreciate a reply as soon as possible.

After we had handed in the inquiry form to Everland on 3rd August, we called the Everland service center to confirm that the form had arrived. They replied that it had, and an answer would be given within 48 hours. However, we have not received any reply for few days. After several calls, what we received from Everland by email appeared to be a boilerplate reply with no thought put into it.

(Only highlighted sentences translated)

Please check the official blog of Everland. The url is attached.

Everland have rejected our efforts to even discuss improvements to Tongki’s environment or situation. They have also ignored  the negative reactions from thousands of Korean citizens.

Everland appears to display a lack of concern for the sentient beings held captive in their “zoo”, and a lack of respect for the concerns of those who keep them in business; the paying public. They do so at their peril.

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