On 17th August, a video was taken in the Gupo district of Busan. In the video, a dog was being brutally dragged along public streets by a pipe to which it was tightly bound from Gupo station to Gupo Market—a distance of about 1 km. The dog was trying to untie the rope, and during his struggles, his skin was lacerated and his claws were damaged.

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Posted by 동물권단체 케어 / CARE on Thursday, 17 August 2017

We discovered that the abuser was working at a place called “E-Seong Bo Sin Won,” a place where dog-meat soup (“bo shin tang” in Korean) is served, and where the poor animal was slaughtered.

Demonstrating in front of “E-seong Bo Sin Won.”

The owner of the place explained to us that the abuser had mental disability. However, this should never be used as a justification or excuse for animal abuse. The owner also told us that he himself regarded dogs only as food and accepted no responsibility nor felt no remorse. This demonstrates that people who sell dog meat do not care about the suffering they, or their employees, cause in the pursuit of their “trade.”

On 22nd August, we headed to Busan. We demonstrated in front of the restaurant, and called for strict application of the Animal Protection Act, which states in Article 10 section 1 that

No animal shall be slaughtered in a cruel or revolting manner, and shall be free from unnecessary pain, fear, or stress in the process of being slaughtered.”

Transportation to slaughter is part of the process. CARE has brought indictments against both the abuser and owner of “E-Seong Bo Sin Won.” We also called for the complete shutdown of the dog meat market at Gupo Market.

The Buk-gu Government is responsible for ensuring that the dog meat vendors at Gupo Market adhere to the Animal Protection Act, and check that the environment of the market is appropriate for the public. They don’t appear to have been doing this, and the situation at Gupo Market appears to be little different than that at Moran Market, one of the biggest dog meat markets in South Korea. “E-Seong Bo Sin Won” is able to keep slaughtering dogs at their premises, as well as display and sell dog meat.

Meeting with the Buk-gu government.

After the demonstration at the market, we visited Busan Buk-gu Office—Gupo is in Buk-gu—for remonstrance.

The meeting with the Buk-gu government triggered officials to act. The head of the Livelihood Assistance Bureau stated that they would immediately inspect the entire dog meat market in August. What they plan to do after that is unknown at this time.

Regardless of what the Buk-gu Government do, we will continue to push for the complete cessation of both the slaughtering and selling of dog meat at Gupo Market.