Kitten Trapped in Median Strip Barrier

Late one night we got a report of a kitten trapped inside a median strip barrier of a bus stop at Hapjeong Station junction. The median sits in the middle of a busy four-lane road. It must have been difficult for the kitten to cross the road, and understandable for it to take cover inside the median barrier.

Setting up the equipment

First thing next morning, we got ready and set off.

While investigating the median strip’s steel barrier, we caught sight of the kitten’s eyes through the gaps, but she did not want to come out.

We set a cage trap and put canned food at the back of the trap to lure her fully inside, and put some water in front of the cage. Because of the noise of the traffic, and the heat and dust, she didn’t move for a while. We waited and watched and eventually we could see her nose poking out and then her full face. She was still on her guard but moving very slowly toward the water and food in the cage. Once inside the trap, however, her light weight wasn’t enough to spring the trap, so we had to run over to the trap quickly and close the door manually.

Kitten safely in the cage trap

We heard from store owners in the neighborhood that the kitten used to show up under a container, so we decided to release her at the same place. Thanks to those people who had been feeding her, she looked pretty healthy.

We placed the cage under the container where she used to live and released her. She disappeared right away, but we left water and food under the container, and gave more canned food to those store owners, who ensured us they would continue to feed her.


This story has a happy ending; the kitten is safe and has people who feed it and look out for it.

But there are many more that don’t have happy endings. If you see an animal trapped and in danger like this kitten, do something if you’re able, or call some who can help.

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