Fundamentally changing the livestock industry in South Korea, the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs has officially announced that factory farming and battery cage farming will be changed to a more animal welfare cognizant industry.

Congressman Han Jeong Kim

Recently, the insecticide-contaminated egg scare has shocked and angered the whole nation, bringing the issue of factory and battery cage farming to the forefront of public consciousness. Since August 18th,  citizens have got together with the Labor Party Green Committee, the Green Union, CARE, animal rights lawyers, House for Happy Dogs, Action for Animals, Friends of Animals, the Buddhism and Environment Alliance, Voice for Animals, the Jogyesa Labor committee, Animal Activists Alliance, and the Korean Association for Animal Protection, to form a coalition demanding a solution to the insecticide-contaminated egg problem.

CARE and other animal organisations have been demanding a stop to factory and battery cage farming and changing the livestock farming industry to focus on animal welfare for a long time.

Moreover, congressman Han Jeong Kim, who has displayed a lot of interest in animal rights recently, has called for a committee in parliament to demand the cessation of factory farming, which was the ultimate cause of the insecticide-contaminated egg incident.

We Welcome President Moon’s Decision

Following this, and as a result of continued pressure and protests by CARE and other animal rights organizations, President Moon ordered changes to the livestock industry from the ground up, and the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs have decided to implement an animal welfare-based system of livestock farming, as well as issue an apology to the citizens of South Korea.

We welcome these immediate and fundamental countermeasures, and we will continue to monitor the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs to insure that they carry out President Moon’s directive to eventually ban factory farming.

In addition, we will continue to demand the transfer of the government department administering animal welfare from its current management under the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs to the Ministry of Environment.

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