Can you Help my Best Friend after she Saved my Life?

On July 16th, around 10:00 AM, a driver about to get onto the Gyeongbu Expressway to Busan saw a white dog near the entrance of the highway. Limping, the dog was criss-crossing in front of the cars as if signalling that it needed help. The driver couldn’t help but pull her car over.

The dog came to her without hesitation and led her to the other side. After a minute, she heard the whining of another dog. She followed the sound and came to a drainage ditch full of rain water. At the bottom of the ditch, soaked to the skin, another smaller dog was standing up against the wall, trying to stay out of the water.

The driver, with the help of her friend, lifted the small dog out of the ditch. She called the emergency services, but was told that the two dogs would most likely be sent to local government operated animal shelters. The driver was worried that they would be euthanized if they went to local government shelters, and decided not to send them there.

The driver named the white dog Becky (female, non-neutered), and the smaller dog rescued from the ditch. Kory (male, non-neutered).

It’s possible that both dogs had been there for a while because of Kory falling into the ditch. While the rescue was in progress, Becky was agitated, pacing and moaning. It’s possible Becky had sustained her injury while trying to get help from passing cars.

When Kory was rescued, he licked his rescuers face with delight. Becky was jumping up at the driver, obviously happy that her friend had been rescued. They both seemed to love and be comfortable with people.

Concerned about the health of Kory who was soaked to the skin and cold, the driver took them to a veterinarian immediately.

Becky after surgery.

Becky’s left hind leg was fractured and dislocated, hence the limp. She needed surgery immediately. The vet could not say whether Becky would walk without a limp even after the operation, because his leg had been untreated for a long time. She will have to recuperate for at least one month after the surgery.

Kory had hypothermia but did not have any other serious health issues.

Both dogs were young; less than one year old, but like best friends, they look out for each other and stay close together even at the veterinarian’s. They sometimes sit still and quietly look at us with thankful eyes. It is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

They still look out for each other at the vet.

If the driver had not seen Becky or had simply driven on uncaring, we would never have known what happened to Becky and Kory.

The driver decided to adopt both Becky and Kory. However, she can’t move into her new house until the end of this year. Until then, Becky and Kory must be fostered due to a lack of space at the driver’s current accommodation.

Luckily, a friend of the driver will foster Kory, but Becky still needs a foster family who can take care of her after her recuperation.

If you or someone you know can foster Becky until the end of the year, please use the form below to send us a message.

If you would like to help with Becky’s vet’s bills, please visit our donate page and consider becoming a supporter of CARE.

Fostering Becky

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