Seoul Grand Park Dolphins to Return to the Ocean

After the decision was made last month, the two Bottlenose dolphins—Geumdeung and Depo—held in captivity in Seoul Grand Park will finally be released into the ocean off the coast of Jeju Island on May 22nd.

Since the Discharge Committee, composed of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, researchers, professors, and civic groups, Geumdeung and Depo have been receiving training to survive in the ocean by learning to hunt live fish.

Geumdueng and Depo will be transferred from Seoul Grand Park to Incheon Airport by truck, then by airplane to Jeju Airport, and then again by truck to a holding area on the coast near Hamdeok in preparation for their release.

After the final wild-rehabilitation training is finished, the door of the holding area will be opened around mid-July and they will finally be allowed to return home.

Geumdeung and Depo, who were illegally captured in the Jeju Sea, have endured more than a decade in captivity at Seoul Grand Park. They will soon return to the ocean where they belong, and where they can finally re-unite with their families.

We will endeavor to keep you up to date about Geumdueng and Depo, and all the other dolphins on display in Seoul Grand Park, Ulsan, and the rest of Korea, until they too are free from captivity and can return to the ocean.

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