Cat with Exposed Bones Rescued at Highway Rest Stop

Late in the afternoon on May 12th, we received an urgent phone call about a cat with a serious leg injury at a highway rest stop in Gyeonsangnam-do, a province in the south of South Korea. Although food had been left out for the cat, it ran away when the caller tried to approach it.

It’s a 5-hour drive from Seoul to the rest stop, so we weren’t able to go until early morning on the 14th. In the meantime, we asked to caller to try to capture the cat if it appeared again.

Fortunately, on the evening of the 13th, the caller was able to capture the cat while giving it food.

Half of the cat’s left hind leg was missing, and there was exposed bone protruding from a dirty wound with rotting flesh around it. This was not a recent wound, and how it happened is anyone’s guess.


Unable to find food itself, the cat needed to stay around people and scavenge, but as you can see in the video, it is scared and fearfully tries to run away but cannot balance because of the missing leg and probably weakness due to hunger, pain and infection. The priority was to get the cat treatment as soon as possible. We quickly got it into a cage and headed for the vet.

Fortunately, the cat was calm while being transported to the vet. When we arrived, the vet was surprised and said it was unusual to see such a severe leg injury.

We will do everything we can to ensure this poor cat will recover and find a safe home. If you would like to help, please click the donate button below or at the top of the page.

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