Live Dog Thrown Out with the Garbage

People ask us and other animal rights activists why we do what we do, why we care more about other animals when there are millions of people suffering in the world. Well, here’s one of the reasons why…

This injured male Spitz puppy had been stuffed into a 20 liter garbage bag with other unwanted items stuffed in on top of him, and dumped outside with the other garbage to be collected.

He had broken ribs and a broken leg—whether from abuse or an accident, we do not know. There was a pet sanitary pad wrapped around his hind-quarters, soaked with blood and feces. He was crying weakly, and suffocating slowly.

A person did this.

Ignoring the struggles and cries of pain and fear, this person forced this probable former pet into the bag, filled it to the top with other garbage—perhaps to stop it moving around too much and drawing attention to the contents—tied it, walked to the collection place with the animal struggling, whimpering in pain, and starting to suffocate inside, placed it on the ground with the other garbage bags, and walked away.

It was fortunate that he was dumped in a place where other people passed by regularly. He was spotted by a passerby, released from the bag just in time, and taken to the vet to be examined. He is currently being treated by CARE, but his recovery is not guaranteed.

We have named him Hope. We will keep you updated on his progress.

How many other animals aren’t as fortunate, though?

As animal lovers, it’s not possible to adequately convey the disgust and rage we feel when we see, hear, and encounter this kind of callous treatment of another sentient being. As animal rights activists who see, hear, and encounter this almost every day, it only strengthens our resolve to do more, to fight harder, and to continue being a voice for the voiceless.

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