Another Cat Burned and Left to Die

Another cat was found severely burned—this time by fire—outside a warehouse in Yongin city near Seoul, South Korea at 11am on March 16th. Large portions of the cat’s body were burned, with raw skin showing through.

Before the abuse

It was the vet’s opinion that this was done deliberately in an attempt to kill it.

Until recently—at least until March 13th—this cat was being well looked after by someone and was healthy and happy, and was used to people, not running away like a feral cat.

Despite the severity of the abuse and the possibility of psychological damage, it still trusts humans.

The cat is hospitalized and responding well to care, yet we cannot be certain about its survival as there are other issues and the very real risk of infection with so much exposed flesh.

On March 17th, we contacted the police and reported the abuse. We were assured that they would do everything they can to catch this criminal. We will cooperate as much as we are able to catch this person, and if necessary, bring a case against the perpetrator to bring them to justice.

We do not understand why anyone would do this, especially with no apparent motive, and feel deeply ashamed and sad that this poor animal has to suffer in this way.

We are helping the people with the vet treatment fees as they cannot meet the expense themselves.

If you would like to help, please click the donate button below—any amount will help.

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