Ulsan Nam-gu contributes to animal abuse and international shame

Common dolphins swimming

Ulsan Nam-gu must call off the dolphin importation plan!

Recently, we received shocking news that Ulsan’s Whales’ Ecology Experience Center will import two dolphins from Taiji, Japan, a well-known place for cruel dolphin hunting.  CARE strongly opposes their decision and will take action until the importation and exhibition of dolphins become banned.

In 2015, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums pointed out the cruelty of Taiji’s dolphin capture, and declared that they will no longer import dolphins from Taiji. Moreover, even the Japanese Aquarium Association stated that they will not import dolphins from Taiji any more.

Even though the global trend about rights and ethics pertaining to marine mammals is changing positively, Korea is still regressing. From its opening until now, a total of five dolphins have died at Ulsan’s Whales’ Ecology Experience Center. They died because the water tank environment such as the small size and water quality gave them undue stress, yet Ulsan’s Whales’ Ecology Experience Center was busy hiding this secret. Although the death of dolphins continues, Nam-gu office is planning to import more dolphins again.

Many animal rights and environmental organizations  have demanded the withdrawal of importation and exhibition of dolphins from Nam-gu office the entire time, but they disregarded the organizations’ opinion. Furthermore, they even continued this project in secret.

Ulsan Nam-gu office and Ministry of Environment must immediately stop importing more dolphins into the Ulsan’s Whales’ Ecology Experience Center where dolphins continue to die due to the harsh environment.  They have a duty to improve the current environment for the dolphins they claim to be protecting.  Additionally, they must plan to follow the global trend of releasing the dolphins to the wild.  Moreover, Ulsan’s Whales’ Ecology Experience Center must reform and become a facility where marine mammals can be protected properly while they are receiving treatment.

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