The Story of Kamdol

kamdol on the Ground

This is a story of Kamdol and how one horse can inspire change in a nation.

In 2014, CARE received a report and video evidence of a horse named Kamdol being whipped and kicked by his owner even after collapsing on the ground.

During investigation, we discovered horse facilities so small a horse could not lie down and without proper hay provided. The horses had poorly maintained horseshoes, so every step would be painful. But Kamdol was gone and the abusers pretended not to know! News broadcasts and protests began.

With police cooperation, we found the horse had been quickly sold to another. CARE bought Kamdol and later received his friend Samdol from the first owner as well. Kamdol and Samdol loved their newfound freedom! Since then, while Kamdol has sadly passed away due to illness, Samdol still lives happily, safe and loved without whips or cruelty.

After campaigns, 2 cities in Korea have banned horse-drawn carriages.

CARE is currently working on legislation to prevent animal exploitation in tourism and entertainment nationwide.


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