Cat Torturer Captured

The cat torturer who posted the video on YouTube has been caught.

CARE received news from Bangbae police station in Seoul that they arrested Lim Jeong Pil. Bangbae police station has been investigating this case, and they came to CARE to check information and receive reports.

They went to Lim Jeong Pil’s house and confirmed that this was where the incidents in the video took place. Eventually, Lim Jeong Pil admitted that he carried out the torture. He explained that he killed the cat because “it killed my chicken.” He also admitted to trapping stray cats, torturing them, and posting the videos on the Internet. It is the worst kind of animal abuse.

Sadly, the cat, which was tortured with boiling water and a hot poker, died. The detectives from Bangbae police station buried its body.

CARE will endeavor to make sure that Lim Jeong Pil pays fully for his actions.

Please sign our petition to help us with this.

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