At the Home of the Cat Torturer

CARE and a KBS TV film crew went to the home of Mr. Lim Jeong Pil, the scene of the cat torturing incident that took place last Lunar New Year holiday. We discovered, however, that the truth of this crime was much worse than was reported on the news.

After the cat was tortured with boiling water and hot steel pokers, it lingered in agony, burned from head to tail with raw exposed skin, unable to drink in the freezing cold, for five days.

Still not dead, the cat was taken out of the cage and given to one of the man’s dogs to eat. The dog refused to eat it, so he threw it to another dog, which tore the still-living cat apart with its teeth.

CARE made Mr. Lim exhume the cat and took it to the vet for an autopsy. It was difficult to ascertain exactly what had happened because of the state of decomposition, but the vet’s expert opinion was that it was severely burned and had sustained significant damage from the dog’s teeth.

Damage to the cat’s body

Mr. Lim explained why he subjected the cat to such incredible pain and sufering.

I wanted to copy the video that Mappakpari had posted on social media, because he looked like he was having fun torturing animals.

Mappakpari is the online name of someone who has posted numerous videos showing animal torture. In fact, Mr. Lim duplicated Mappakpari’s video, even down to the noises he was making while torturing the animals.

CARE demanded he hand over the trap used to catch the cat, and also rescued two dogs that were tied up outside his house without any shelter from the elements. CARE took the body of the cat, cremated it and put the ashes in an urn.

CARE will work to set up a centralized citizen monitoring network for the prevention and reporting of animal abuse. Instances of confirmed animal abuse will be rewarded. CARE hopes to encourage more citizens to report animal abuse, and will provide a visible and convenient method of doing this.

This report and videos will be presented as evidence at Mr. Lim’s trial.

We will continue to post updates about this.

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