An Emergency Rescue

CARE made a surprise attack on the scene of dog fighting

On January 15, 2017, CARE, a Korean animal rights organization, rescued two fighting dogs from their owners who habitually opened a gambling place wherever people were available. Two dogs who were severely damaged were transferred immediately to the vet.

One of the dogs was too severely injured and in critical condition. As it was too old and had a mental problem, we assume that this dog was there to manipulate the match.

We had reported this information to the police in advance so numerous police officers were mobilized, and we arrested around 30 gamblers. At the scene, the owners hurled abuses at CARE’s staff and said, “Fighting dogs were born for fighting! If they don’t fight, what their meaning in life? What should they do?”

Fighting dogs are born not because of fighting. They are born to live. They are fighting in the confined ring regardless of their will because they are eager to live.

Dogfighting is the cruelest animal abuse.

We are gathering donations to cover for medical expenses including urgent care and surgery of these two dogs.

We will upload more specific news about these dogs.

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