Don’t Need Shark Fins for Shark Fin Food

As many people know, shark’s fin is an ingredient that people made for their luxurious meal. To obtain shark’s fin, people cut only the fin parts of the shark and throw the rest of their body while they are alive.

Many famous hotels in The United States and Europe have already expelled shark’s fin from the menu. Nowadays, some hotels such as The Plaza, Mayfield, and Grand Ambatel in Korea also declared stop using shark’s fin to make a dish.

The Plaza has not only stopped using it, but also has made an effort to create alternative dish that taste like shark’s fin. One of the cooks from The Plaza said, “Although the percentage of shark’s fin that occupying in Korean-Chinese dish is high, we cannot ignore the global public opinion about saving the environment so we have been trying to develop alternative dish to shark’s fin”. The cooks at The Plaza indicated, “It was really confused and puzzled for us in the first time because suddenly, we could not use one of our best ingredients for 40 years. However, we think that was a great chance to study more about cooking”. And finally they found the alternative dish by using other ingredients such as mushrooms or sea cucumber.

We do not need a luxurious meal in our dish to be healthy. And there are alternatives to a specific dish. So please try to be healthy by eating “Healthy food.”

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