Animal rights organization, CARE conducted a fur free campaign with other nations. The campaign was a part of the event of ‘FurFreeASIA’ which is a coalition of Asian Animal Rights group such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

14th of December, CARE and some volunteers had informed the purpose of this campaign to citizens by sharing leaflet and stickers. On the leaflet, we wrote how the fur farm animals are being bred, how the fur clothes are being made, how many animals are being killed for fur, and what are the alternative products to fur items.

CARE claimed that “Over 100 million animals are suffering and being killed every year due to the fur industry. Fur is no longer seen as a symbol of wealth or luxury. It is nothing but a murder and animal abuse. There is no way to treat fur animals in humane except letting them live their life. Even if you are not an animal lover, if you feel compassion for the helpless beings that cannot even speak for themselves under extreme pain, you can help them by reducing purchasing fur items.”

According to CARE, over 80% of animals bred for fur are raised in a battery farm within a poor environment. The environment that suppress their instinct causes a lot of stress to them and do not protect them from the extreme weather. Moreover, they are killed while they are alive because it is easier to take off their skin before rigor mortis and it is better to obtain high quality fur.

Like this, fur clothes are made in inhumane way.

Producing Fur is already abandoned in Western Countries where people have a huge interest in animal rights. On the other hand, there are still a lot of clothing brands and stores selling fur items in Asia. One of the CARE staffs stated that “Asian countries have to take some time for introspection to think why we are wearing fur clothes that take animals’ life. We must learn about animal welfare and their rights from Western countries.”