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Violations of animal protection laws are constantly increasing these days. Violations have doubled in number from 2012 to 2015 (138 to 264 cases). Moreover, this year 210 cases were reported from January to August which indicates that violation has risen by 31.2% compared to the same period last year.

The number of companion animals and policy demands are increasing but as a proper animal protection culture has not been firmly established, the problem of animal abuse is embossed as one of the social issues. Furthermore, the number of people accusing others of animal abuse is increasing as many people now consider animal abuse to be a high crime.
However, the police have been not only too passive but also too inadequate in systematic response to animal abuse crimes until now. Often, even though people were caught for animal abuse, they were only accused for other violations such as wealth destruction and not for animal abuse.

Yet, police investigation will be more active and systematic as ‘Animal abuse investigation manual’ was published by members of the National Assembly. Establishing the ‘Animal abuse investigation manual’ is the first time ever in South Korea’s constitutional history. This means that animal abuse has become a major social issue. The manual is focused on having more precise and exhaustive police investigations of the animal abuse case more precisely as well as protecting animal rights. Also, through the manual, the police should avoid words and actions that take animal cruelty lightly, and they should provide an impartial judicial process and active investigation into malicious and organized animal cruelty. Additionally, they should prioritize abused animal’s safety measures and launch the investigation promptly for animal safety.

One member of the National Assembly stated, “I hope people’s awareness about animal abuse being a high crime can be spread and the animal abuse cases can be decreased following the establishment of the manual. Also, I will make an effort to legislative activity for animal rights protection.”

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