Number of Companion Animals Abandoned Increasing

It was investigated from CARE for the last three years that the number of companion animals that are abandoned from their owners has increased. Also, it was found that the abandoning case is focused on summer vacation.

We, analyzed current status of abandoned animals in Korea from 2014 to 2016, and announced and the precautions.

The result of our analysis indicates that abandoned animals have occurred the most during summer period, which includes vacation season, from 2014 to 2016.

Specifically, if you see the period from May to August, 32,234 animals were abandoned from total 78,999 in 2014, 32,561 were thrown out from total 80,318 in 2015, and 34,816 were abandoned from total 66,477 in 2016 (January to September).

In addition to stop people from abandoning their companion animals, we suggested some precautions to prevent losing companion animals. Firstly, people open their house (front door and window) during summer season as it is hot. However, when they open the doors, they need to install fence not to let the animals go out. Moreover, when they take a walk, they need to put a leash on or attach a tag on their companion animals.

Furthermore, we pointed out that the government must enhance animal protection law and implement the duty of pet registration to prevent abandonment. And, building the culture of pet sitter could also be another alternative to reduce the number of abandoned animals.

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