Are Dogs Drawing Paper?

In June, a beauty contest for dogs was sponsored by companies who sell dog’s hair dye. “Give full play to your imagination by using dogs.”

These are the dogs that won in this contest. They were made into various characters such as Mickey Mouse, Olaf, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. by using dye all over their body. However, it became an issue as many people argued that dyeing dog fur is an animal abuse.

Dyeing could affect the olfactory sense so refrain from using it. In particular, puppies and kitties can be impacted more than adults. It also says to ‘avoid full dyeing’ in the precautions on the product. So why did the company give a reward to the person who did full hair dye to their dogs?

The company explained that they just warned people not to dye their dogs fully at once. And the winners followed the precautions so it is fine. “Pet art beauty treatment is regarded as one of the arts in developed countries for a long time.” And there was no evidence to prove dyeing is harmful to dogs so it is hard to claim dyeing hair is animal abuse. However, veterinarians pointed out that dyeing can led to skin disease, allergy, nausea, or diarrhea. They also indicated that dye can enter the dog’s eyes, ears, and reproductive organs. Moreover, unlike humans, dogs will eat it so it is better to avoid full hair dye.

As critical public opinion about full hair dye became larger, the companies decided to ban full hair dye from the next contest. It is important to groom your dog to be healthy and to look pretty. But, excessive grooming like the dogs who won in the contest is not right.

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