It is too weak to call “property”

“This dog is suffering from ophthalmorrhexis.” This two-year old dog lost his/her sight because of the abuse from owner.

Only a public official who is in charge of animal protection of a local government can rescue animals from abuse. This is because there is no law to forcedly restrain the animal owner.

“Without permission from the animal owner, if people try to rescue the animal, they can be accused of rescuing animals.” Even there is an animal abuse, we cannot rescue animals without the permission from the owner.

“We will protect your dog so could you give up your dog?” If people want to rescue animals from the owner who abuse their animals, we need to receive memorandum of property from the owner.

“Since companion animals are regarded as a property under the civil law, there is nothing we can do to rescue the animals even when we see animal abuse in front of us.” It is ashamed that we cannot do anything for the animals. This is because of the existing animal protection laws that treat animals like a ‘property.’

To change this unreasonable reality, 64 members of the National Assembly have proposed the bill.

This is for fixing the lack of common sense that treating animals as a property. “Changing the law is equal to the meaning of changed people’s consciousness.”

There are people arguing, “Even for people, it is too hard to live. But why do you care about animal welfare?” Yet, in the society that animals cannot be respected as a life, the dignity of man also cannot be respected. The law should really change.

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