Support for The Healing Shelter – Part 4

There was a very skinny dog on the road. The dog was assumed to be abandoned since there was no one around him and his appearance did look like he wandered around the street for a long time alone. Moreover, the dog’s head was twisted to one side. There is no way to recognize the reason why his head was twisted but, we could assume that it was due to abuse since he was extremely surprised when people tried to touch him. After we, CARE, rescued him, his condition went better, yet his head was not able to be fully recovered.

As we posted earlier, dogs who have handicaps are nearly unable to be adopted in Korea. However, there are another way to help these dogs; becoming godfather and godmother. This dog, named ‘Cha-dol’, met Youngbin Kim who is the leader of international volunteer community at 2014. When Youngbin met Cha-dol at the first time, she said she was nervous as she never lived with a big dog. But after she had taken Cha-dol a walk, she realized that there is no problem. Furthermore, she said she felt some connection with Cha-dol so she wanted to help him. Yet, she was not able to adopt him as her situation did not allow her. However she wanted to connect stronger with Cha-dol so she decided to be a godmother. Although Cha-dol passed away, Youngbin told us that “During the time of being a godmother of Cha-dol, I learned a lot of things. And I will keep supporting animals by being a godmother.” Now, she is a godmother of ‘Ho dong’ who suffered from animal abuse and lost his both sights (Story of ‘Support for Healing Shelter Part 3’).

Animals that were rescued by us and have handicaps stay with us in the center for a certain period of time but for the fairness with other animals, they are exchanged with other animals in our shelter unless they are adopted (This is because of the fairness to give each animal a chance to be adopted).

Dogs in the shelter have very low chance of adoption. So mostly they spend their life in the shelter. The shelter we have is a temporary place that there is a risk we have to leave by any time. That is why we need our own place to build the shelter to let animals live happy and safe.

Please help CARE to establish ‘the Healing Shelter.’

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