Dogs not Targets for your Anger

There was one man who is very offensive that he was notorious for his violence. One day, he bought 3 puppies. He raised the puppies in front of the mountain but did not go there often, which means he did not give food and love to them. However, there were days that he always drops by to that place; the days when we fought with neighbors. According to neighbors, when he came to this place, they always heard a scream for the puppies. He brought iron pipe and lumber with him when he went to the puppies. The restrictions did not stop there. When his neighbors who felt pity for the puppies gave food to them, the owner hit his puppies more hard because the puppies look happy. For him, dogs were just a target to release his anger.

One day when the scream was particularly severe, his neighbors went to the place and saw two puppies’ dead body. The puppy who survived alone was only aged five month. However, as the puppy was smacked every day, he lost his sight, all his tooth, and his brain was damaged. He has lived 3 years without sight, tooth and love. Most of all, he had lived his entire life with fear.

When we, CARE, had received the report and went there, the dog looks very nervous. Moreover, his neck was full of blood and it was rotted for a long time. It was obvious that this is a case of animal abuse. We could not let the dog stay there anymore. Yet, because the dog is the owner’s private property, we could not bring the dog without any consent. Moreover, it is not illegal for the dog owner to hit his own dog since he has the ownership. Therefore, if we want to rescue the dog, persuading the owner was the only way. The dog’s mind and body were seriously damaged as he was kept abuse from his owner so we could not guarantee his life. It was obvious for us to decide saving the dog’s life was the first. Fortunately, we had received disclaimer from the dog’s owner and brought the dog to our center. We could save that dog from the owner but, we cannot stop the owner from abusing other animals that he keeps bringing; we just ‘wish’ not to.

The dog that we brought got a name, called ‘Hodong’. Hodong cannot see and does not have any tooth now. However, he eats his food deliciously. His neck that was nearly rotted also got recovered well. Hodong is meek in temper but he barks at the person who is over 40s. We do not know how he recognizes people’s age but, we can assume how deep he got hurt internally (Pictures 1 to 7).

Unfortunately, not only the owner hit their dogs. Some neighbors also hit dogs that are not theirs.There was a man who often drinks alcohol and hit dogs. He hit the dog with iron pipe dozens of times. He did not stop hitting even the dog screamed, covered with blood, and lose consciousness. The sinless dog lost his both sight, his skull was broken and his spine cord was paralyzed. The shocking news is that the man was a ‘religionist’. We, CARE, had rescued that dog from that person and brought him to the hospital. The dog’s skull was completely recovered but his intelligence was strikingly lower than other dogs. We had accused that person for animal abuse so he received a three million won fine. But do you think it is enough for paying just 3 million won to compensate his atonement?

(For your information, the maximum penalty in animal protection law is to serve jail term of up to one year or to pay under 10 million won fine).

The dog that was struck by the religionist got a name, called ‘Ha neul’. Although he went through all the terrible incident, he is now trying to adapt himself to our center. He still takes strict precaution as he cannot see but, when people come beside him, he tries to hang out with them (Pictures 8 to 12).

We wish ‘Hodong’ and ‘Ha neul’ can be adopted to a nice person, erase their terrible memory, and spend the rest of their life happy. Yet, it is really rare for animals who have handicaps to be adopted in Korea. We, CARE, are trying to take care of all these animals like ‘Hodong’ and ‘Ha neul’ but, it is difficult to do so since we have a limited space. So it is really necessary for us to establish ‘The Healing Shelter’ to consistently take care of them.

Animals are not an object for people to release their anger. We must not treat them recklessly just because they are weaker than us. If you are a person who oppose to this kind of violence, if you are a person who wish to make the animals’ life better, please help us to build ‘The Healing Shelter’.

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